I – In My Opinion, Learning English Is Very Interesting. Ii – English Is The Official Language Of Many Countries. Iii – I Agree That Studying English Will Help Me In The Future. Iv – English Language Is Part Of The State School’s Guidelines. Material Elab (2023)

1. Page 1: English Language Learners - IRIS Center

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  • The term English language learners (ELL), or English learners (EL), refers to students whose first language is not English but who are learning English. Note that in some states—California, for example—the preferred term is EL, which in the future might become more widely adopted. The term limited English proficient (LEP) is generally considered to be outdated, but is still used by the federal government.

2. 4 reasons why learning English is so important - ELC Schools

3. [PDF] AP® Human Geography - Sample Student Responses and Scoring ...

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4. [PDF] Attitudes towards English Language Learning among EFL Learners at ...

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5. Why is it important to learn English? - ETS Global

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  • Whether it is for communication, business, entertainment or travelling, knowing how to speak English is becoming more and more important.

6. The Importance of English: The World Language of 2020 and Beyond?

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  • English is understood by 2 billion speakers across the world. But it's not just the most common language: it’s the most important one to learn. Here's why!

7. Learning English is still a must (and here's why) - EF Education First

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  • Learning English is a must in our globalized world. But learning it isn't enough, it's mastery that counts.

8. Is it necessary to learn English? - Essay Forum

  • English is the universal language. For me, learning english is really matters, especially if you want to continue you degree in the country where English is the ...

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